Our Cyber Assessment Engine uses a simple Question and Answer process to enable you to build a risk profile of your organisation, identifying weaknesses and vulnerabilities. The assessment engine takes into consideration the Personnel, Procedural and Technological (P3T), aspects of your organisation.

On the basis of the report produced and with our help and support, you can put effective strategies in place to protect your critical information and assets.

value of your data

Data increasingly represents the core of many organisations and with businesses becoming more reliant on technology, data has become one of the most valuable assets owned.

protecting your assets

It is now widely acknowledged that the risks associated with the loss of data and the impact of a compromise, on both a personal and business level, is significant.
Protecting your assets has become a priority and the Cyber Assessment Engine can help you achieve that.

Risk Analysis Tool

The Cyber Assessment Engine is a risk analysis tool which has been created to enable organisations to identify and therefore enable you to mitigate cyber and security risks.

Associated benefits

By gaining an insight into your security posture, a clear action plan identifying your priority issues can inform your risk management strategy.
Our extensive report provides findings and recommendations enabling informed decision making.

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